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How to Keep Your Hair Healthy when Using Irons/ Straighteners Daily?

How to Keep Your Hair Healthy when Using Irons/ Straighteners Daily?

A straightening iron can give your hair the ideal texture for whatever look you're going to create. Unfortunately, using one everyday can do serious damage to your locks. If you can't give up your favourite heated styling iron, though, there are ways to minimise the damage. By using the right type of iron, using it properly, and treating your hair with product that will help strengthen it, you can keep your tresses as healthy as possible.


Use an iron made of a high quality material: If you’re going to use a straightening iron on your hair daily, it’s important that to select one that’s made with a material that will do the least damage to your hair. Inexpensive irons are usually made with metal that doesn’t heat evenly so it can easily burn your hair. You'll pay more for an iron made with a higher quality material, but it will help minimise damage.


Dry your hair completely: Before you use any type of iron on your hair, it’s crucial that you dry it first. If your hair is wet when you apply heat to it, you will literally boil the moisture out of it and do serious damage. Allow your hair to dry completely before you pick up your iron.


Apply a heat protectant: Before you use your straightening iron, you want to protect your hair so it won’t lose too much moisture from the heat. Work a heat protectant product through all of your hair -- it will coat your locks so they don’t lose their natural moisture.

For fine or thin hair, a heat protectant spray is usually the best option.

For thick or coarse hair, a heat protectant oil, cream, or lotion is usually the best option.


Heat each section of hair briefly: If you leave the iron on any one section of hair for too long, you run the risk of burning it. To avoid damage, never leave the iron on a single section of hair for more than 3-5 seconds. When you’re straightening your hair, be sure to keep the iron moving over to avoid heating any one spot for too long.


Use a moisturising shampoo: Heat styling daily may lead to lack of natural moisture that keeps the hair healthy. To keep your hair hydrated, switch to a moisturising shampoo that will clean your locks while also delivering moisture-rich ingredients. Look for a formula that contains natural oils and moisturising ingredients.


Deep condition your hair weekly: While you should use a traditional conditioner each time you shampoo your hair, it’s also important to deliver a more intense dose of hydration at least once a week. Using a deep conditioner or a hair mask, which contains hydrating ingredients, can help keep your hair moisturised even if you heat style every day.


Moisturise your hair with oil based serum: Both traditional and deep conditioners are washed out of the hair, so their moisturising effects don’t always last all day. After you wash your hair, apply an oil based hair serum to your locks to keep them hydrated throughout the day.


Get regular trims: The ends of your hair are the spot that’s going to show the damage from heat styling the most quickly with spilt ends and breakage. By getting your hair trimmed every 6 to 8 weeks, you’ll remove the damaged hair so your locks look healthier overall.

As important as it is to style your hair, so is it to also protect it from damage and make sure it is healthy and voluminous. We hope these tips help you to keep up with the health of your hair and style your hair worry-free.

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