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How important is a 'Clasp' for curling your hair?

How important is a 'Clasp' for curling your hair?

Fashion trends come and go, but curls never go out of style. The average woman spends quite some bucks a year going to a hair salon. This is an expense that can be avoided, if you know to use your tools right.

While curling your hair with a curler, the most important part of the curler that defines your curls is a clasp. In this blog, we are going to simplify the purpose of a clasp attached to a curler


Curling irons/ tongs come with a built-in clasp. The clasp is designed to hold the hair in place while styling it. This feature is perfect for individuals who are either new to hair styling or those who want to simplify the process of curling their hair. Most girls fall in love with curling irons with a clasp because these tools make styling completely fuss-free every time.


A personal curler with a built-in clasp may look intimidating but it’s easier to use than you think! Keep reading to know how?



If you want to make hairstyling much quicker in the morning then a built-in clasp is at your rescue. It just makes hair curling a breeze! There is no need to use hair clips to set your hair in place as you curl your hair because there is a giant clasp built right into the device. Convenient, isn’t it?


Well defined curls

Curling iron with a clasp is the best styling tool for you if you’re a fan of defined curls. The clasp changes the way you hold the device, allowing you to create tighter and polished curls, not loose waves.



A curler with a built-in clasp may look intimidating but, once you get the hang of it, hair curling will be a breeze. While curling your hair with a curler that has a clasp, you’re simply wrapping the hair around the barrel and then waiting for the curl to set. That’s it.


Saves you from accidental burns

Because of the clasp attached to the barrel, you don’t have to hold the hair in place as you curl your hair, making it absolutely trouble-free. Also, there are lesser chances of you burning your fingers or getting a crick in the neck as you are not holding your hair every time you wrap the hair around the barrel.


While some love the idea of a curler with a built-in clamp while for others, it’s a deal-breaker. It’s a matter of personal preference, comfort, and ease.


Happy Styling!


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