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Guide to picking up the right Curling Wand.

When you plan to buy a curling wand there are a lot of factors that will help you in making the right decision. There are different types of curling wands available in the market. It is difficult for a first-timer to choose the right product. You can only select a product if you have complete information about it.

Go through these factors to understand the curling wand better.


Hair Type: The hair type is the first factor that helps in choosing the curling wand. If you have thick hair then you will need higher temperature settings to curl them. Similarly, for the thin hair, you will need lower temperature settings. Another important thing is the holding capability of the hair. If your hair does not hold curls for longer then you will need curling wand with a higher level of settings.


Voltage: If you are buying the curling wand for travel purpose then a dual voltage wand would be perfect. These types of wands are quite handy and will save you time. While traveling to different countries you may encounter problems related to electrical outlets and energy supplies.


Material: The materials used in manufacturing the curling wand are extremely important. For flat, non-voluminous, or fine hair the type of wand actually doesn’t create a problem. For the thick or coarse type of hair, it is extremely important that you check the type of material used. There are three types of materials used and they are the tourmaline, ceramic, and titanium. It’s preferable that you choose the ceramic or tourmaline one.


Size of the barrel: There are multiple types of curling wands available with the difference in the size of the barrel. The creation of a particular type of curl depends on the barrel. So you must choose the curling wand accordingly. For tighter curls, you must opt for smaller barrels while for loose curls you must choose large barrels.


Temperature Setting: When you look for the curling wands it is very important to check the temperature settings. There are wands with a range of temperature options. These range from extremely low to high. This again depends on the type of hair. If you have fine hair then you won’t need a high-temperature setting. So check your requirements and then match it with the product’s description.


Warranty: It is a big factor that influences your choice of the curling wand. On different wands, you will find different warranty periods and conditions. In most of cases, the warranty period ranges from one to two years. In rare cases, you may find a wand with a longer warranty period. This factor leaves the user stress-free at least for the time for which warranty exists.


Ease of Use: The wand that is easy to use for one user might not be easy for another one. You must research the product before purchasing your curling wand. If you have already used a curling wand before then there are more chances that you will be comfortable with all of them.


Automatic Shut Off: This is an important feature for those who keep forgetting things like turning off the switch. If you leave the wand on then it can damage both the device and the things around. So the automatic shut off feature would turn off the device after a set time.


Happy Styling!


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