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Dos and don'ts to achieve long-lasting waves with a curling wand.

Many of us reach for a curling wand every time to get coveted and glamorous beach waves.

​But, it's not always as easy as grabbing the magic wand and creating an effortlessly beautiful look. Follow our list of do’s and don'ts to achieve wave perfection. Dos:

1. Style your hair only when it’s healthy. Damaged hair is more prone to breakage while styling, make sure you give enough time to your hair to revive its health in case it's dry and damaged. Strong, shiny hair will give you the best base to make any curled style look its best.

2. Curl one section of hair at a time and clip each section after it's curled. Focusing on one section at a time will prevent some pieces from going uncurled. Pinning each curl will hold it in place while you work and set the curl.

3. Choose the right tool. Pick a wand that's the right size for the look you want to achieve. Remember that different barrel sizes will help you to create different looks.

4. Use curling wand only when your hair is completely dry. A sizzle sounds great when your coffee is brewing in the morning, but it’s not so great when it’s coming from your hair. Moving to the styling stage before your hair is fully dry is the biggest reason for hair damage, and can even cause your hair to snap off.

5. Run your fingers through your hair after it's cooled. Breaking up the strands a bit will make your hair look more natural.

7. Remember to use the wand, with its tapered end facing downwards. This provides volume to the roots.

6. Finish off with a flexible hold hairspray. A light layer will keep waves in place and cut down on frizz throughout the day, without weighing your hair down.



1. Never skip the heat protectant products. Especially for those who use curling wands on a daily basis, a heat protectant product can make all the difference in keeping your hair healthy.

2. Don't be in a hurry. Be sure to give yourself plenty of time for styling if you want to achieve long-lasting waves the right way. Curling, pinning, and cooling will take some time, but the end result will be well worth it.

3. Don't curl sections that are too big to be clipped. You don't want any stray pieces falling down. Go through your hair, by small section, taking your time to get the best possible results.

4. Don't break up the curls with your fingers too soon. Wait for the hair to cool down completely, at least 15-20 seconds before separating curls into natural-looking waves or they'll fall and you'll be back to the hair you started with.

5. Don't work at the wrong temperature. Thicker hair can hold up against higher heat settings, but thinner hair is more easily damaged. Lower the heat if you're hair doesn't have a lot of thickness or texture.

6. Don’t curl your hair in the same direction. For waves that look natural, it’s best to work the hair in different directions. Curl some hair around the wand in a clockwise direction, while the next piece should be twisted around anti-clockwise so it looks less like curling iron waves.


Unlike the straightener, which is simple and versatile, the curling iron comes in a plethora of shapes and sizes and can be quite fiddly to use, especially when using it in front of a mirror. But persevere and your curling tongs will become your new favorite tool!


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