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Ceramic vs Titanium Plates

Ceramic vs Titanium Plates

What your straightener plates are made from makes a huge difference to their effectiveness on different hair types and to hair damage from flat irons.


There are quite a few buzz words which get thrown around when it comes to straightener material: titanium, ceramic, tourmaline, etc


What is Ceramic?

  • Heat conducting coating on the plates

  • Isolation layer between your hair and the steel/aluminium plates.

  • Don’t mistake it to be anything else


What purpose does it serve?

  • Even heating of the plates

  • Reducing hot spots and cold spots


What is Titanium?

  • Super-fine & super-smooth coating on the plates

  • Isolating layer between your hair and the steel plates


What purpose does it serve?

  • Even heating of the plates

  • Reducing hot spots & cold spots

  • Seals & closes the cuticle due to it's superfine polished texture


Are they the same? Can they be compared? Is one better than the other?

  • No. Technically, they are not in the same league.

  • Yes, titanium is better than ceramic so is it more expensive than Titanium.


Which one should I buy?

  • Basic ceramic for a beginner's budget

  • Ceramic + Tourmaline for one step ahead and for much better hair-health and shine.

  • If you want a superior quality, high performance, durable and long-lasting plates, Titanium is the answer

  • If you already own a ceramic or ceramic+tourmaline, your next upgrade should be Titanium

Hope that this little guide has helped you to understand flat iron materials a little better so that you’ll know which hair straighteners are best for your budget, hair type and style.


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