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Advantages of the Hot Brush

Advantages of the Hot Brush

Do you find yourself battling frizzy hair before a night out? Visiting your nearest salon every time you want to leave your home is a huge price to pay for beautiful hair.


Alan Truman brings to you a super handy hair brush that straightens hair in minutes! It feels like a brush, works like a straightener. The Alan Truman Hot Brush can be used in place of a regular hair straightener to ensure that you look your best every time you step out of your house.

Advantages of the Alan Truman Hot Brush:



The hot brush smoothens the hair effortlessly no matter how rough it is, leaving hair shiny and frizz-free.


Ensures healthy hair

The hot brush heats up to 230 ̊ C, the recommended temperature to ensure that hair does not get damaged. This brush straightens hair quickly, ensuring that your hair is not exposed to heat for too long.



Alan Truman Hot Brush has tourmaline-ceramic bristles that eject negative ions. The negative ions counteract with the positive ions in hair, which prevents static hair leaving your hair smooth, shiny and silky!


Quick results

Ceramic in the tourmaline-ceramic bristles of the hot brush helps the bristles heat evenly ensuring that your hair is styled quickly and effectively. It doesn’t burn and damage the hair, therefore, keeping the hair healthy inspite of giving faster results.


Anti-split ends

The negative ions released by the 76 tourmaline ceramic bristles bond with the hair to seal off all split ends, leaving your hair feeling and looking healthier.


Can be used on the roots

You can go really close to the roots and straighten with the ease of just brushing your hair as you normally do, without the fear of burning your scalp.


Moisture lock

The tourmaline ceramic bristles lock in moisture to protect your hair from damaging and fading. After using this brush, your hair is guaranteed to look healthy and vibrant.


A great investment

The Alan Truman hot brush is a great investment! It helps save a lot of bucks and helps you achieve salon styled hair every day.


The Hot Brush is a combination of a hair straightener and a paddle brush. Now you don't need to section your hair & use a hair straightener & comb section by section. Just comb through like you do with your paddle brush, but at a slightly slower pace and Viola! you have relaxed straight or poker straight hair as per the temperature you choose and is very easy to use, just brush, brush and you’re done!


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