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Super gentle nylon bristles of the Alan Truman blowdrying brushes that don't hurt the scalp!

Nylon bristles of the Alan Truman round brush don’t create static and they also help smoothen your hair gently without the flyaways. Nylon bristles are best known for quick-drying, easy detangling, and achieving a bouncier blowout. Whether you have thick, coarse hair, or fine tresses, Alan Truman round brushes are the best pick for your blow styling needs. They can power through tangles without getting caught and can leave hair looking smooth and silky. Although nylon bristle

Why Is It Necessary to Disinfect and Clean Your Combs and Brushes?

Germs, oil, dust, and other free radicals tend to build up and can thrive on your brushes and combs. Many of us use hair products, then brush our hair, hence these products get transferred to the brush or comb. When we don’t clean the brushes or combs, the products stay in place and build up over time. And as you use those uncleaned combs and brushes on your hair, you subject your hair to a host of hair and scalp problems like dandruff, scalp infections, hair fall, which is w

Mastering the art of using the Round Brush.

A Round Brush is responsible for some of the prettiest waves ever but can prove a source of distress for some if not used correctly. We get it—brushing, curling, and drying hair all at the same time is hard! On the other side, mastering this technique could be the answer to the perfect at-home blowout—and that’s definitely enough to make us learn how to use a round brush. You can start with a few of the tips below. The perfect tool to achieve volume You want curls? You reach

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