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Attachments that come along with a Hair-Dryer.

When it comes to styling your hair, how it dries can make or break your style. You should always air dry the right way, and make sure you’re using your hairdryer correctly, which means using the proper hairdryer attachments. It’s what they’re there for! Read on to learn all about hair dryer attachments and how to use them. 1. Concentrator Nozzle The first attachment that everyone needs to get familiar with is the concentrator nozzle. It’s the one with a flat vent. Basically,

How to get your hair to hold a curl?

We all love those beautiful, flawless, bouncy curls. But do you know what's even better? Beautiful, flawless, curly hair that lasts all day. Today we're sharing our favorite tips and tricks way to avoid your curls from falling flat the minute you walk out the door and make it last all day! Avoid the conditioner: Skip conditioning your hair the day you plan to use a curling iron or at least go very, very, very light on it. Most women over condition their hair, in the hope to m

Curler Barrel Coatings Reviewed and Explained

Curlers are pretty straightforward hot tools, these devices curl the tresses. But these tools are coated with different materials. Each of these materials differs in the way they curl and affect the hair. Three of the most popular curling wand materials are Ceramic, Titanium, and Tourmaline. In today’s guide, we are pitting ceramic, titanium, and tourmaline curlers to help you find the best hot tool for your styling needs. CERAMIC: Ceramic is a type of non-metal material that

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