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We Owe

We owe to the society what we are today. Hence we have announced it publicly. 

Under the We Owe program:

  • We donate a share of the profits from sales towards social causes, charity and help to needy individuals (NGOs, please excuse) 

  • We donate a limited number of tool-kits to deserving and needy individuals who have enrolled themselves in a reputed and known hair styling academy but need support in buying their tools for the course.

No activity under the We Owe program is politically motivated, funded or driven by any political cause, business cause, any government scheme, mission, or policy. The purpose is to purely give back to the society. We do not fund or donate to any ventures, projects, politically motivated individuals, government or non-government organizations, trusts, companies or organizations. 

We work ONLY directly and solely with deserving-needy human beings in the above-stated categories. We reach the deserving-needy in our own unique way or they find us when they need us.

We do not encourage, connect or work with any agents, middlemen, agencies, companies, non-profits and NGOs. 

Please do not contact us for donations, contributions, grants of any kind, category, types or variety. 

We Owe: About Me
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